Why the Physician Assistant Career is the Best Career for Me


1. Job security

The medical field is a safe field to enter into, but even compared to other healthcare professions, the physician assistant career is booming! Right now there are more physician assistant positions than there are physician assistants. No matter where you want to move, you will find a job. No matter what field you want to get into, you will find a job. In fact, you will find many jobs and you will have the luxury of choosing the job that best suits your needs. You know that if you don’t enjoy the job you currently have as much as you’d like, you can find another one easily.

2. Patients

For most of us, the patients are the best part. If you don’t love your patients, then you probably don’t belong in the medical field. Every patient has their own corky personality and individual story. As practioners, we are privileged enough to have patients share their vulnerabilities with us and look to us for help. Patients will make you laugh, cry, swear, scream and smile. They can pick you up on your worst day and bring you down on your best. We love our patients and are so humbled to be a part of their care.

3. You are a super hero

As a physician assistant, you can literally save someone’s life every single day. In addition to physically saving lives, you can also ease suffering and provide emotional support through tough times. There is no job more rewarding than this one.

4. Someone always has your back

When in doubt, call the doctor. Physician assistants are always a part of a team and help will always be there when it is needed.

5. Autonomy

On the other side of the coin, as you and your supervising physician grow confident in your abilities, you can practice almost independently. You are not usually strapped to your physician’s side; you are often out and about saving your own patients.

6. You have your whole life ahead of you

You can become a physician assistant after only 2 years of post bachelor’s education. Physician assistants are able to rise to the top of their careers quickly. This allows ample amount of time in life to get married, have a family, accomplish new goals, travel and do whatever else you see for yourself.

7. Ease of transition among fields

Physician assistants are not required to specialize in a field; therefore they can switch fields extremely easily. The moment you are bored at work, you can get a new job that is completely different.

8. Versatility

You can be anything from a family practioner to a surgeon to a hospitalist to a dermatologist. Or if you so desire, you can be all of the above in your lifetime.

9. You get special privileges at your own doctor visits

There is definitely a comradery among healthcare professionals. At doctor’s visits you are almost always respected and given great care. Doctors know that physician assistants will know when something isn’t right, so they will be extra cautious. You are sometimes trusted to do things that many patients are not trusted to do, such as determine your own medications, skip the consultation visit before a procedure and administer your own shots from home. This many not always be the case, but you are far more likely to have special privileges than most.

10. Your knowledge helps your loved ones

As a physician assistant, you are able to recognize problems in your loved ones before they realize they should seek treatment. You are able to educate them, answer their medical questions and intervene in their care. You know when something isn’t quite right.

11. Salary

The average salary for the physician assistant has been rising quickly since the career began. Currently the average physician assistant makes around $95,000. This is almost double the annual household income.


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