How to get an EARLY Invitation to a PA program Interview


This post is authored by Bruce Bair of The Student PA Path. The original video was posted on his website and has been reposted with his permission. If you are unfamiliar with his blog and you are a current Pre-PA or PA Student, you should go check it out for some really great advice on how to get into and through PA school. He also offers PA school acceptance coaching for any pre-pa students who are looking to gain an edge during the application phase for physician assistant school. His blog touches on subjects such as: “What is the best college major for Pre-PA students?”, “Are you a strong candidate for PA school?”, “Behavioral Interview Questions”, “Answers to Pre-PA Questions – gaining experience to become a PA”, and much more. 

From the author: This is a video I posted to YouTube. It is shot with a selfie stick on my phone during an NFL playoff game. I was using notes but got distracted – you see the corrections appear on screen.
I promise some other videos on related topics. They will only appear here. Some of them will be behind a wall that is open when you subscribe to an email list created just for those pieces of information. About 15-20 more 5 minute videos. Watch this site during February to get more info. Thanks for your support. (on some videos I mention Squidoo. It no longer exists. The info there is now on hubpages)




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