National Physician Assistant Education Creates Most Accurate Study Materials for the PANCE and PANRE


February 10 22:26 2017

National Physician Assistant Education (NPAE) has supplementary materials for anyone who is either prepping to take the Physician Assistant National Certification (PANCE) or the Physician Assistant National Re-certification Exam (PANRE).

PITTSBURGH, PA – 10 Feb, 2017 – NPAE has implemented an algorithm that uses the Natural Language Processing to create the largest PA board review question bank available. The materials create a fully comprehensive course review, and are available online.

The enrollment for the 2017 Online PANCE Review Course and the 2017 Online PANRE Review Course began February 1, 2017. However, there will be 40 hours of additional supplementary podcast lectures added to the course on March 1, 2017.

NPAE was named a 2015 Grubesky Big Idea Competition Finalist. The CEO, Adam Roth, was granted the 2016 TGPG Healthcare Leader Innovation Award. As a leader in the healthcare field he was then nominated for a seat as Healthcare Grant Award Judge at the 2016 IBM International Science Fair. Co-founder, Lauren Russo, is an ACMH hospital representative on the Advanced Practice Practitioner (APP) advisory board, author of the PANCE/PANRE Study Guide, and community influencer through her well-known PA blog.


Co-founder Adam Roth graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Medical School with a MS degree in biomedical informatics. Since then, he’s focused on applying digital technologies to medical education, has written two textbooks, and currently owns three companies. Co-founder Lauren Russo graduated from Chatham University as a PA-C and currently practices medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center as a Hospitalist Physician Assistant.

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  6. Frankbar 31 August, 2019 at 13:15 Reply

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    [d] 5 points presented 8 days ago

    we can criticise support, in a position to criticise Xsolla too. homemade wine your posts adhere to the subreddit rules and don constitute as a repost while you doing it.

    A great deal of the posts pulled down over the last week regarding support and Xsolla we can help with as we are in no way associated with either company.

    When posting about issues like this bring new things to the table, Open up discussion to the city and actually engage with your fellow players rather than posting “Xsolla = shit Reeeee,

    Mushi1996 0 points put up 7 days ago

    Honestly this subreddit has mods that destroy any post [url=]charmdate review[/url] that is criticism. It silly. You put a well planned and explained post about scavs and their flaws and it is taken down. Someone else puts up a post about some tips for quest changes and they they aren that great and it taken down for talking about similar topics to other posts.

    Every banging week I see a “We thank you Nikita, “I love bingo Nikita is doing amazing, “Don change scavs they’re just perfect” in addition to. And those are NEVER removed.

    I thought the other non censored tarkov subreddit was just a bunch of idiots that couldn follow basic rules but i starting to see why some got together. (Im not sharing it because I don think that allowed on this subreddit) But it absolutely just plain ridiculous.

    Mushi1996 0 points uploaded 8 days ago

    It in the tarkov reddit not r/guns or r/mosins and good subreddit rules every post is supposed to relate to the game.

    The way I play is my way and as long I not cheating/glitching my way can be just as right as yours.

    Unless your an exit camp tiddlytwat.

    Also stats are really important I have friends who like to run meme loadouts every wipe or they only half mod a gun instead of going either budget or all in. none are playing anymore this wipe. why is this? Dying sucks and the dont like being broke either. So yea stats play critical role.

    MasMana 1 point put forward 8 days ago

    Stats are crucial of course and most of my raids I prioritize usefulness l. What I referring to is that this thought to be builds that I really like aesthetically IRL and in game. But on a post about how I like it everybody only wants to say how it pointless to mod it this way. So as a post appreciating the structure only telling me the stats aren worth is what kinda pointless, Mostly because it all just salt. Stat gameplay is tremendous, But individuals don know how to just enjoy things. Except yeah nobody enjoys exit outdoor living tiddlytwats

    Mushi1996 1 point handed in 8 days ago

    I simply voicing concerns over pointless items in the game. If it isnt those priced accordingly then why even add it to the game? A modeler that spent time making that happens to be working on other assets. Maybe we may had the SVD an update earlier. Same matches basically all the after market p226 mods and 95% of the glock mods.

    Some items just aren worth it and this wipe being the hardest for some to make money only makes the issue worse.

    I understand the post was to appreciate the stock and it a cool thing but it a shame it so expensive in game.

    Easiest solution would be to lower the value of the barrel and [url=]charmdate review[/url] reciever and put the bulk of the cost into the wooden stock this way you could sell the wooden stock back for 12k so the archangel would be more worth it.

    MiniHAWKnb 3 points recorded 9 days ago

    specific same. there are plenty of times on Interchange (A map that I know highly), Where I just completely outplayed entire 3 5 man squads by hit and run tactics obtaining to hit once. I displayed on one angle, One tap one guy by working with my AK or M4, Then book it to a new one angle in like 10 15 seconds, And one tap another. Keep that going prior to thicc bois run away, Scared since these think I cheating by being invisible [url=]charmdate review[/url] or speed hacking, Or until they all dead and I have lots of loot to deal with.

    [taken off] 50 points presented 9 days ago

    This what follows, If a thing only loses 4 10k roubles value by selling to the vendor, Sell that shit to owner. searching for nickle and dime each rouble is stupid.

    Good example is Horse Figurines or the Gold chainlets i do think, both being pretty consistently below vendor resale value yet people try and fight for who sells it. Which hurts there profit even more because plants spend a listing fee. Other great examples are Fuel conditioner or the Geigar counter, They both sell on flea market at retailer price. Yet people list em at a profit loss because they don check therapist first.

    Mushi1996 7 points given 11 days ago

    i want to run gear but nope gotta wear untar and m4 then gotta wear 3m and mask then gotta wear scav vest and balaclava then gotta wear paca and 6b47 then gotta do a bazillion mosin kills then gotta kills scavs with 74u then gotta.

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