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I registered for the trial then purchased the full course. Schoology won’t let me register since my information is already in use.

Please log into the schoology trial and go to the courses menu at the top of the page. Click “join” from the drop down and enter the code that you received when you purchased the full course. You should then be able to select the full course from the drop down menu.

 If you are already logged into schoology, you can click the following link to be directly prompted for your course access code: 

I am having trouble logging in.

The only other time I heard this issue is when people have tried to use a Firefox browser.  Please try the following things: 
  1. Log into Schoology with your Email and Password (as opposed to Username and Password). For some reason, we are finding that users that log into schoology using a username are frequently having this issue. If this is your first time logging in with your email address, you may need to rejoin the full course. If you need help rejoining the course, please refer to the previous answer for instructions on how to do so.
  2. If you are not already using Chrome, then please try using that browser.  
  3. Clear your browser cookies if you are using Chrome (Ctrl + Shift + Delete)
  4. Try going to in order to log in

I can’t find my course in Schoology / How do I switch between courses in Schoology?

Go to the courses menu at the top of your screen. You will see all of the courses that you are enrolled in here. Please note that the full review course and the trial version are listed as separate courses in schoology. If you paid for the full version but are not able to access all content, you are likely still viewing the trial course. Please select the full course from the courses drop down menu or refer to the other questions on this page.

I can’t view videos, audio lectures, or embedded content, how can I fix this?



  • To view mixed content in Chrome, click on the shield icon on the right side of the address bar and select the option to Load Anyway.

For more information, please view this article: 

Where are the 3500 review questions that are supposed to be part of the course?

At last count, there were approx. 52 quizzes throughout the review course. You can see a table of the quizzes and number of questions below. Although the total number of questions in the table comes to over 4800, this does not count for a minor level of overlap between the question banks (Example 1: question bank (1) untimed pulls from the same 164 questions that question bank (1) timed pulls from, etc. — Example 2: There is a minor amount of overlap (~5%) between the pre-test and final exam sections). This overlap exists partially on purpose and partially because Schoology limits the number of questions that we can add to a single question bank to 300 so some of our quizzes/tests are set to pull a certain percentage of questions from multiple question banks on the back end. The actual total number of unique questions within the course is ~3500.

Exam Name # Questions
Pre-Test 60
Progress Exam I 60
Progress Exam II 60
Progress Exam III 60
Final Exam Section 1 60
Final Exam Section 2 60
Final Exam Section 3 60
Final Exam Section 4 60
Final Exam Section 5 60
Question Bank (1) Untimed 164
Question Bank (5) Untimed 295
Question Bank (10) Untimed 414
Question Bank (20) Untimed 414
Question Bank (1) Timed 164
Question Bank (5) Timed 295
Question Bank (10) Timed 414
Question Bank (20) Timed 414
Giant Term + Keyword Matching Test 195
Buzzwords Quick Quiz #1 (200) 200
Buzzwords Quick Quiz #2 (200) 200
Buzzwords Quick Quiz #3 (200) 200
Buzzwords Quick Quiz #4 (200) 200
Buzzwords Quick Quiz #5 (104) 104
Giant Term + Keyword Matching Test 240
Cardiovascular Matching Quiz 1 15
Cardiovascular Matching Quiz 2 15
Derm Matching Quiz 1 15
Derm Matching Quiz 2 15
EENT Matching Quiz 15
endocrine Buzzwords Matching 15
Gastrointestinal Matching 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (cardio) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (derm) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (EENT) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (ENDO) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (gastro) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (genito) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (hem) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (inf dis) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (musculo) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (neuro) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (psych) 15
General Medicine Matching Quiz (pulm) 15
Genitourinary Matching 15
Hematology Matching 15
Infectious Disease matching 15
Musculoskeletal Matching 1 15
Musculoskeletal Matching 2 15
Neurology Buzzwords Matching 15
Pulmonary Matching 15
Reproductive Matching 15
Neurology Matching 15
Total 4873

You can access a list of the Test/Quizzes within the review course by filtering the course content type within schoology. To do this, go to the course homepage within Schoology and locate the filter menu as shown in the screenshot below.

To filter by Tests/Quizzes, simply select it from the menu. You will see a list of all 52 tests/quizzes shown in the above table.

I found errors in the review questions

Many of our questions are generated algorithmically by a process known as Natural Language Processing. We have attempted to manually curate the algorithmic results as best as possible but there will still be a limited number of errors in the final output. We believe that all errors have been identified and removed but if you do come across an erroneous question or some illegible text within a quiz/test, this is the reason. Please contact us with any errors that you find within the course. Be sure to include the exact question and quiz/test in which the error was found.


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